About Us

In March 2012, two creative guys, Dan and Mike,  meet at a local watering hole in Utah, and, well, over a few cold ones, establish a band.  The rest, as the old adage goes, is history.  Throughout the years, the duo added other members and rocked the socks off a lot of people in a lot of places in Northern Utah creating a solid fan base. As with many bands, members came, members left, names came, and changed, but we never missed a beat – we played for our awesome fans and gained new ones. After all, it is you, the fans, our supports, who keep us playing, reminding us why we do what we do.

In late 2014, the band decided on a permanent name: Hear and Now.  Thanks to our co founder, Dan, he designed our now well recognized logo, simple, yet powerful – like us! It has always been about who is here, who wants to come hear, and what we do right now.  Currently we are a five piece band consisting of two amazing guitarists, Mike and Joe, a smooth bassist, Clay, an on-fire drummer, Zack, and of course our talented vocalist, Dan. We perform anywhere from Rock Springs Wyoming to Salt Lake City Utah and anywhere in between.  We have performed at local watering holes, family parties, bikers events, and more.  We hold a friends and family event each year for our fans, along with several benefits helping raise money for those in need.  We play rock and roll music that covers all the greats from the 1970’s to present day songs.

Join us for a great time! We promise to deliver and boy do we…ever!